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FGSC Game Reschedule Policy

FGSC Example of Printing a Game Form

Oklahoma Soccer Association Coach's Site:  http://www.oksoccer.com/coaching/coaching_classes.aspx

Oklahoma Soccer Association General Information:  http://www.oksoccer.com/coaching/generalinfo.aspx

Coaching Lesson Plans:  http://www.oksoccer.com/coaching/lesson_plans.aspx

Coaching Classes:  http://www.oksoccer.com/coaching/coaching_classes.aspx

FGSC Coach Contact Information

Rec and Rec+ Contact Information:

OSA Eastern District Representative:  PJ Schauer; 918.627.2663; pj@oksoccer.com

District 1 Vice President:  Dave Perry; dperryret@gmail.com   

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