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Rescheduling of Games

FGSC Reschedule Policy

Fort Gibson Soccer Club has revised the reschedule policy to encourage teams to responsibly reschedule games only when necessary and to provide a process to recoup referee fees for late game reschedules. 

FGSC will schedule games for the regular season at the appointed time prior to each season.  Coaches will be notified when schedules are made public.  All efforts will be made to avoid coach conflicts and scheduling during typical school breaks (spring and fall).

All coaches are responsible for reading and understanding the details of the policy listed below.  Please note that there are payments required for reschedules requested within the one week window or for rescheduling the same game more than once.

  • Payments are to be made via the Game Rescheduling Payment Page

Communications to the Games Commissioner

All reschedule questions/requests must be made in writing via email to the FGSC Games Commissioner using the "Reschedule Game" link on the website.  This provides for a date/time stamp of the request.  All requests received will receive at minimum a confirmation of reception by the Games Commissioner (this will not constitute acceptance that the game will be rescheduled – just a confirmation that the request has been received).  A reply from the Games Commissioner will notify the coach of the required payments, if any, along with any further instructions. Requests shall include the Game # as listed on the schedule, team names, league, age division, the original game date/time, the requested game date/time and coach contact information.  Additionally, all requests must be accompanied by confirmation in writing (email/copy of text) of the agreement to reschedule from the opposing coach.

Example Reschedule Request Email:

Dear FGSC Games Commissioner:

FG Hornets U10 Boys (FGSC Closed Rec) request game # 321 between FG Hornets–Jones and BA Dragons–Smith scheduled for 8/1/13 at 2PM be rescheduled for 8/8 at 10 AM.  See attached copy of email from the Dragons coach Smith confirming agreement to reschedule to the stated date/time.


Coach Jones

coachjones@cox.com, 918-123-4567

Rescheduling without Consequence

Each game scheduled at FGSC may be rescheduled one time without consequence providing the request is made at least 1 week prior to game time.

Rescheduling Within the One Week Window

Any game requested to be rescheduled less than one week prior to game time shall require payment of a Referee Reschedule Fee by the team requesting the change according to the following schedule:

  • U6 thru U1O $25.00, U12 thru U14 $65.00, U16 thru U19 $100
  • Payments are to be made via the Game Rescheduling Payment Page

Rescheduling a Game Already Rescheduled

Any game which has been previously rescheduled shall require payment of a $25 Administrative Reschedule Fee, payable by the team requesting the change, prior to being rescheduled again.

  • Payments are to be made via the Game Rescheduling Payment Page

Tournament Exceptions

Any team registering for an OSA sanctioned tournament shall provide notice to the FGSC Games commissioner of any potential schedule conflict and request a reschedule at least one week prior to the conflict to avoid the referee reschedule fee.  If the acceptance to the tournament is within one week of the start of the game the team will not be subject to the $25 Administrative Reschedule Fee if applicable.


All payments must be made on-line via PayPal on the FGSC website using the Payment Form link below or with exact cash at the BASC office (no checks accepted).  Reschedules will not be made until payment is confirmed to the Games Commissioner.

Payment form link: Game Rescheduling Payment Page

Fee Imposition/Waivers

In all cases the Games Commissioner shall have the authority to impose/waive fees as deemed fair and equitable; subject to appeal to the Executive Board.

Use of Fees Collected

FGSC shall utilize Referee Reimbursement Fees collected for reimbursement of referee fees paid for rescheduled with less than 1 week notice.  FGSC shall utilize Administrative Reschedule Fees for funding of FGSC scholarships.


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